Releasing lighter-than-air balloons can have a huge impact on the environment, especially when you live as close to the ocean as we do. Animals can mistake the balloons for food and get the plastic stuck in their throats; they can also get tangled up in the string tied to the balloon.

In order to try to stop people from holding mass balloon releases, legislation has been proposed that would slap a $500 fine on anyone caught.

There are exceptions in the bill, including balloons used for scientific purposes, ones released and remaining indoors, and for minors who release five or fewer at one time. Those make sense to me, because meteorologists still use weather balloons; indoor balloons aren't a threat to fish; and no one is going to fine Baby Varacchi if she accidentally lets go of her balloon.

This is pretty much the perfect time to share one of my fave videos on the internet too:

Don't release balloons!


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