Over a year ago, we told you about a potential $500 fine that the state could hit you with if you were caught intentionally releasing balloons into the air. While a lot of Shore towns already have their own rules, apparently the bill never passed to cover the entire state, because the Surfrider Foundation is looking for more people to sign a petition to encourage the state legislature.

Asbury Park, Atlantic City, Bradley Beach, Brigantine, Cape May City, Egg Harbor City, Long Beach Township, Longport, Margate, New Milford, North Wildwood, Sea Isle City, Somers Point, Upper Township and Ventnor are among the towns to have their own local restrictions against releasing balloons, but for whatever reason, it seems like the rule has never been approved state-wide. States like California, Connecticut, and Florida have anti-balloon-release laws, so it doesn't make sense that New Jersey hasn't approved one yet.

Living so close to the beach, the winds can often take balloons out to the ocean. Turtles and whales can mistake the deflated balloons for food, and end up choking on the latex. Animals can also get tangled in the ribbons attached to the balloons.

The Surfrider Foundation is looking to get 1,000 signatures - right now they're only just past 100, so sign up, spread the word, tell your friends. Just entering your name and address will show you your local elected officials, and one more click will send a letter to all of them. Hopefully we can get the state to pass a law that help our environment!

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