Dust off your record player because Vinyl Records are alive and well.

A brand new record store called "The Vinyl Dinosaur" opens in Bayville at 521 Atlantic City Boulevard on Saturday (4/27) at 11a.


The store will feature records, cd's, 8-tracks, cassettes, VHS tapes and more

According to The Patch:

The Vinyl Dinosaur includes plenty of variety: from the easy listening of Abba and Barbra Streisand to the jagged riffs of Alice Cooper and Aerosmith to the zany Frank Zappa to jazz, soul, R&B, country and big band. Baeli says one day he might be able to fit his classical collection too.

Customers can also bring their collections for potential trade-ins. But currently, the unopened store is full, and Baeli's mostly looking for rarities and it depends on their condition.

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