Of course we love supporting our local businesses at the Jersey Shore now more than ever...so let's rally around a grand opening right on the Jersey Shore Seaside boardwalk!  Introducing empanada greatness...Seaside Empanadas!

Photo credit: Seaside Empanadas Facebook
Photo credit: Seaside Empanadas Facebook

Are you ready for the most delicious empanadas at the Jersey Shore?  If someone wants to be my absolute favorite person they will surprise me with a bean empanada with extra hot sauce from this spot!  Now we can get our fix on the boardwalk! Seaside Empanadas are ready for you!  What’s it gonna be...Beef? Chicken? Shrimp? Bean for you too?  How about some savory sides like yuca bites...tostones...or corn fries?  It makes this spicy Jersey Girl sooooo happy to announce new eats on the world famous Jersey Shore boardwalk!!! Seaside Empanadas is now officially OPEN for business!  I've been watching from afar waiting for the doors to open and now we are good to go.

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It is the PERFECT walk and go food for you and your family! There's something for everyone. They're getting rave reviews already!  Hopefully you can support yet another local business and make your belly as happy as mine!

Find them on the south end of the boardwalk in Seaside. Their physical address is 2 Ocean Terrace and make sure to leave a little time in between eating your favorite empanada and going to the upside down spinny rides.  Ejnoy...summer boardwalk food is fire this year! xo

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