When you bought your car, you probably did a lot of research.

You looked over reviews, considered what you want in a vehicle, and likely considered safety features.

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Especially if you're driving around with your family.

Unfortunately, even the most prepared car buyer can't prepare for recalls.

And it looks like one of the most popular vehicles in the Garden State was recently issued a recall.

Photo by carlos aranda on Unsplash
Photo by carlos aranda on Unsplash

The recall, by the way, affects just about half a million vehicles.

On March 9th, it was reported that National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a recall for some Acura and Honda models.

The recall has to do with a pretty key component of your vehicle's safety.

Its seatbelts.

Photo by Remy Lovesy on Unsplash
Photo by Remy Lovesy on Unsplash

According to Patch, the issue stems from seatbelts not properly latching when drivers go to fasten up before hitting the road.

That's a pretty big deal when you consider that your seatbelt makes a huge difference if you ever get into a crash.

What Vehicles Are Affected By The Recall?

As I mentioned earlier, the recall is in place for nearly half a million Acura and Honda vehicles, including the Honda CR-V which is one of the most popular vehicles in Jersey.

In total 6 vehicles manufactured between 2017 and 2020 are affected, and according to Patch they are as follows:

Acura RDX: 2019-2020

Honda Accord: 2018-2019

Honda Accord Hybrid: 2018-2019

Honda CR-V: 2017-2020

Honda Insight: 2019

Honda Odyssey: 2018-2020 ~ Patch

The NHTSA did say that manufacturers will fix the issue, and that car owners that are affected should be getting a letter in the mail in mid-April.

A recall on your vehicle is never something you want to see, but in this case, it looks like the manufacturers are taking quick steps to rectify the issue.

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