But....New Jersey has the highest integrity of every other state. This is according to a report by some really smart people or by people that just have too much time on their hands.

Connecticut and Deleware are the only two states that have a higher profanity rate than New Jersey. Damn them!!

The report states that people who curse a lot correlate with having high integrity. So wouldn't you know it, New Jerseyians have the most integrity as well. F**ckin' Hell Yeah!!

I learned all about this today from an article I found the article in the Asbury Park Press. There is a link in the article that brings you to the published study. 

I have to warn you, there are A LOT of pages in the study (and I mean a lot) with a lot of words and numbers that will take entirely too long to get through, so just scroll down to page 7 and you will see that New Jersey has a profanity rate of 50 and a profanity rate of 87. Those numbers are the highest of every other state.

New Jersey F**cking rules!!!!



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