Suck it, Marge, we're some of the best drivers!

Said during 99% of my daily commute.

Insurify looked at the numbers and crunched the data to find what state had the best drivers in the whole country.

They based their information around insurance applications, which were able to provide them with other details like prior incidents, speeding tickets, at-fault accidents, as well as the total number of licensed driver and the number of vehicle-related fatalities.

When they put all those numbers together, they were able to create a map of the whole country, state-by-state, to find the best and worst drivers.

Coming in at #9 - New Jersey! Here's the numbers and what they had to say about us:

  • Percentage of drivers with any prior incident: 19.81%
  • Percentage of drivers with a speeding ticket: 6.74%
  • Percentage of drivers with an at-fault accident: 12.48%
  • Total number of licensed drivers (2018): 6,342,876
  • Total vehicle-related fatalities per 100,000 motorists (2018): 6.3

New Jersey, which is home to the traffic-filled New Jersey Turnpike and legions of New York City commuters, is nonetheless one of the safest states in the country to drive in. Just 6.74 percent of drivers in the Garden State have been cited for speeding, though the state has some of the country’s more lenient speeding laws—only Connecticut boasts a better percentage in that regard. Additionally, New Jersey’s rate of vehicle-related fatalities per 100,000 motorists is third-best in the country, trailing just Rhode Island and New York.

In case you're wondering, New Jersey came in one spot ahead of Texas (10), and the rest of the Top Ten (from 8 to 1) is as follows: Arizona, Connecticut, West Virginia, Florida, Nevada, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Michigan.

NJ is always the butt of jokes when it comes to bad drivers, but you can't argue with science!

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