If you like killing bugs, then you're gonna want to pay attention to this article.

About a year ago, New Jersey officials told us to keep our eyes open for the Spotted Lanternfly in your yard and on Christmas Trees.

The Spotted Lanternfly is an evasive insect and can destroy seventy different species of plants and trees...That's right...SEVENTY!

New Jersey wants them dead!

According to NJ.com:

The bug is currently in its full adult stage and will begin laying egg masses in September. If residents notice the grayish putty-like masses, usually attached to trees, they should scrape them off, double bag them and throw them away. Additionally, they can be placed in alcohol, bleach or hand sanitizer.

These bugs are native to China and South Korea so they should definitely NOT be here.

Totally unrelated to the COVID-19 pandemic, Pennsylvania and New Jersey have had to set up quarantine areas to prevent the spreading of the lanternfly.

Click HERE for the full story of the Spotted Lanternfly, and check out the video below to know what their egg masses look like


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