It's the end of an era now that a notorious local landmark in Dennis Township is no longer.

If you've driven on 47, through Dennis Township over the past few months or years headed toward Cape May you may have noticed a chair dangling from the roof of an old house.

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So many people have noticed this landmark that a Facebook group was started about it called Chair Watch.

It's garnered well over 12 thousand followers and gives constant updates on the chair's status. reports that as of 7:10 Monday morning the chair has officially been knocked off the roof after years of being a local iconic landmark.

How Did The Dennis Township, NJ Chair Get So Famous?

According to the home in question was built sometime in the 1940s and suffered a debilitating fire in the 70s.

Then, in 2020 a massive storm ripped the roof off leaving the contents on the upper level exposed for all stuck in traffic to see.

That's when the chair was first noticed dangling dangerously close to the edge of the house.

The chair stood the test of time, perched precariously becoming an iconic local landmark until its "demise" earlier this week when a storm finally knocked it off the roof. reports that the owner of the property, Mike, is a fisherman who has had plans to demolish the building at some point.

Even he's not sure how the chair stayed up there as long as it did.

Chair Watch Group Mourns The Loss Of The Chair With A Little Humor.

The members of the Chair Watch Facebook page, which has quickly become one of my favorite social media pages seem to be mourning the loss of the chair with good spirits.

chair watch house new jersey
Photo Credit: Google Maps

One user imposed a Spirit Halloween sign over the location of the chair and another user asked the question if Bon Jovi would write a song about the chair called "Living On A Chair".

One common theme though seems to be what should be done with the remains of the chair.

Some people think it should be auctioned off for charity and some others think the chair should be restored.

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