Before anyone jumps down my throat saying "old news" or "we already knew this"...slow down! And I also have no idea who those people are in that photo. LOL

Believe it or not, not everyone is constantly paying attention to what is going in the world every second of the day.

We take it for granted that we monitor the news cycle and social media very closely, and that there are tens of thousands of people who rarely check their phones during the course of a day.

For example...I am constantly looking everyday for any breaking news so I can pass it along to you. I think I'm pretty up to date with everything going on in New Jersey with the COVID-19 pandemic, but I had no idea that all New Jersey campgrounds are officially opened starting today.

According to ShoreNewsNetwork:

New Jersey Campground Owners and Outdoor Lodging Association is happy to announce that they have finally received clarification from the Governor’s office that campgrounds in New Jersey may reopen for business for their transient campers effective Friday, May 22nd.

I also didn't know that all county parks and off-leash dog parks in the state of New Jersey are officially opened to day as well. (My dog Winston is going to be so happy!!)

According to Shorebeat:

On May 22 all of Ocean County parks, including off-leash dog parks, will have been reopened to the public. The status of parks under the control of the state or municipal government will continue to be decided at those levels. All county parks will operate with a 50 percent capacity limit, including those that had already been reopened over the past several weeks.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend. Stay safe and stay healthy

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Andy Chase
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