A ring of fire may be visible in parts of Jersey this weekend, and no, it has nothing to do with Johnny Cash!

Let's be honest, one of the best parts of living near the Jersey Shore is the fact that we have access to some seriously gorgeous and amazing sights.

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Whether you want to check out fantastic beach views at Point Pleasant, Asbury Park, or Seaside Heights or you want to see beautiful national parks, it's here in Jersey.

Something that's really cool about the Garden State is that when there are awe-inspiring acts of nature happening, you can usually see them in Jersey.

For example, last summer we were able to see the Northern Lights right here near the Jersy Shore.  

Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash
Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash

Jersey also gets great views of the Supermoon when it happens.

Check out some of the photos of Jersey's last supermoon right here. 

This upcoming weekend, an annular eclipse will occur in parts of South, Central, and North America.

Photo by Marek Okon on Unsplash
Photo by Marek Okon on Unsplash

According to APP, the eclipse will start in Oregon around 9:13 AM PDT and will end in Texas around 12:03 PM.

The Annular Eclipse means that the moon will pass in front of the sun completely blocking all light with the exception of a small sliver or light, like a rink, that will continue to shine.

Will The Annular Ring Of Fire Solar Eclipse Be Visible In New Jersey

The Annular Ring will be visible in the Western and Central parts of North America, but sadly it doesn't appear as though the East Coast will be able to see it.

However, that doesn't mean we won't see anything cool here in Jersey this weekend.

APP reports that all 48 continental states in North America plus Alaska will be able to see some sort of partial eclipse during the time of the annular eclipse on Saturday.

Photo by Jim Strasma on Unsplash
Photo by Jim Strasma on Unsplash

So sadly, we aren't going to see the Ring of Fire here in Jersey but we will still be able to see some sort of cool eclipse at some point.

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