I have to be honest... I'm not upset about this.  It's actually not a bad thing and I will explain why.

Back in 1999, MTV transformed a house right off the boardwalk at Carteret Ave into their Summer "Beach House" studios for the entire summer, and it was used for the filming of their hit show "TRL", and other shows. It was actually a great thing.  Having major celebrities and entertainers right here in our "backyard" on TV was pretty cool to see.

MTV also showed off local businesses and recorded various features all over the boardwalk. It was great for business and great for money!  It was nice to see the Jersey Shore on the map.

Back then there was no drama. There was no "Jersey Shore" cast. Just professional VJ's at the time doing their show down on the shore. The MTV "Beach House" was just a "set".

MTV came back down again in 2002, and this time, they turned the lifeguard stand on the beach into their Beach House. They didn't stay as long as 1999, but once again... money for Seaside Heights, and... no drama!

Now MTV just announced the return of the MTV "Beach House" this Summer down in the Loveladies section of Long Beach Island. There will be no cast members living at the house. It's just being used once again for taping purposes for their TV shows.

I think it's great because it will show just how beautiful Long Beach Island is, and it will once again show the Jersey Shore in a positive light.

Filming begins Thursday, June 8th, with a free beach party, and taping should only last about a week.

Are you excited for the new MTV Beach House?

To get you ready, check out this clip from 1999 of Norm MacDonald hanging with Carson Daly at the MTV Beach House in Seaside Heights:

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