The Mets got smacked around by the Brewers last night. The team is still in 2nd place in the NL East, but 4/5 of that division is a wasteland, with the Nationals enjoying a 9.5 game lead.

With the Matt Harvey drama, the Noah Syndergaard saga, and whatever other dysfunction is prevalent in Queens nowadays, it seems like the stress is spilling from the clubhouse into the mascot room.

That fan at Citi Field tagged the Mets in his twitter post, and just over 90 minutes later the Mets
addressed it.  

I've never seen someone look so happy while giving the bird. I guess that technically the Mets do need to apologize for this, because a mascot is supposed to be family-friendly and all...but really, it might be one of the most memorable things Mr. Met has ever done, and I guarantee someone is working on bootleg t-shirts right now. Just embrace it, Mets!

mr met

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