I never knew that "mothing" was a thing, and according to my spellcheck it isn't. Every time I've typed it and looked for more information, it still looks wrong. Regardless, I think it would be the sort of thing I'd be into. A lot of people don't like moths, and I've never really figured out why other than the rare occasion where one flies into your face at night. They're just fuzzy butterflies!

The people at Pinelands Brewing Company are hosting a Moth Night tomorrow night at the brewery in Tuckerton.

moth night
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

As part of National Moth Week (another thing I just learned is a thing), the brewery will have lights set up to attract moths, a screening of Mothra (obviously), and Moth & Brewery gift basket giveaway, Cajun Jax BBQ food truck, and of course craft beer. Tickets are available here.

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