I don't know about you, but I could really use a reason to feel good about people right now. The challenges of the last year and a half didn't always bring out the best in us.  Just when you're losing faith in people a moment like this gets caught on camera. A simple act of common decency and kindness by Monmouth County Sheriff's Officer, Thomas Menendez not only made me feel better about people, it made my heart smile.

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Officer Thomas Menendez was recently on patrol in Neptune when he saw an elderly woman struggling with her shopping bags on a hot day walking uphill.  Officer Menendez was worried about her being exhausted and pulled over so he could help her with her packages and safely walk her back to her nearby apartment.

Photo credit: Monmouth County Sheriff's Office
Photo credit: Monmouth County Sheriff's Office

This sweet, simple moment is how I feel when I see a middle aged man stand up on the subway to give his seat to a pregnant woman or when a child walks up to a Veteran and thanks them for their service.  It's more than the act, it is a healing our hearts needed to witness.

I called the Monmouth County Sheriff's spokesperson, Cynthia Scott, to learn more. She said that this moment was a perfect mix of compassion and excellent training, "part of the job and training is for our officers to be the eyes and ears of the community. It is important that our officers not only police, but also have an awareness of our community so that they can proactively serve.  This was a great example of that."

Sheriff Shaun Golden agrees that this was a simple act of community service at its best and that he is proud of Officer Menendez and other Monmouth County officers for always helping in times of need and maintaining safety.

Thank you for making our day Officer Menendez, you did our hearts good!

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