There were 54 high school students, primarily from 25 towns across Monmouth County with some Ocean County teens as well, who graduated as cadets from the annual Monmouth County Sheriff's Youth Week on Friday afternoon.

Many of the young men and women who attend this Monmouth County Sheriff's Youth Week every summer have a rooted desire to enter into a career one day in law enforcement and public safety, while others are looking to learn more about our first responders and what they do.

This outstanding tradition provides all with an opportunity to go through training drills, simulators, lessons and lectures, discussions, physical training and conditioning, and more that gives them an idea and a taste for being in law enforcement.

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They learn valuable lessons on communication, deescalation training, drones, pulling someone over, what the K9 dogs are trained to do, and much more.

Monmouth County and Sheriff Shaun Golden and his team have led the way in traditions like Youth Week with providing ways to keep everyone informed and educated on the world of law enforcement and keeping everyone safe in communities near and far.

This was a feel good story of the week and congratulations to all the graduates!

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