From tarot cards to crystals, these are the metaphysical shops you want to check out!

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Spirituality and the metaphysical have always piqued my interest, but it wasn't until about 5 years ago that I really got deep into it.  And listen, I know it may not be for everyone, but it's become something that I really enjoy.

At the start of each new year, it seems like more and more people want to get their hands on things like crystals and oracle cards to help them change their outlook on life.  Or to even just pick up a new hobby!

What's the deal with spiritual and metaphysical shops?

If you're unfamiliar with all of this, I can break it down.  Metaphysical shops carry items like crystals, oracle cards, essential oils, candles, and incense to help boost your mood and overall way of life.  Some shops sell self-help books from gurus like Gabby Bernstein, or the popular book The Secret which I feel like everyone has heard of.  Some will even have readers there you can make appointments with.

Aren't crystals just rocks?

Well, yes, but some crystals have healing properties - so for example, rose quartz has properties of love and self-love, amethyst helps with anxiety, obsidian offers protection.  For me, it's all about taking it with a grain of salt (which is also a rock, haha).  I don't think crystals will give me magical powers, but I do enjoy having them, and they're pretty!

I remember just 5 years ago, there weren't that many places in Ocean County to shop for these kinds of items, but since then, metaphysical shops have become more popular!  If you're curious to try something new to boost your mood, check out these metaphysical shops in Ocean County!

Metaphysical Shops in Ocean County

Do you have a favorite shop I missed? Let me know!

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