I had a chance last night to experience outdoor dining now available in New Jersey.

After work, I stopped By Riv's Hub of Toms River on Hooper Ave. It was really great to see friends and some restaurant staff who I haven't seen in months. They have a great set-up outside on the side of the building with dozens of tables to eat and drink at, and they have speakers outside for music.

As I was leaving and saying goodbye, the conversation with one of the managers turned into, "Bring the dog next time". I was excited!  They are allowing dogs now because of outdoor dining. Winston is excited too!!

So that got me thinking about other Ocean County restaurants that might NOW also be "Pet-Friendly" because of outdoor dining, whereas they couldn't be in the past because they never had outdoor seating before COVID-19

I made some phone calls this afternoon to as many restaurants that I could think of in Ocean County asking if they allowed pets because of outdoor dining.

A bunch did say no, so I'm not going to list every restaurant that I called, but here are the restaurants that now have outdoor dining, and said YES to being pet-friendly now. (Please let us know of any that I might have missed, and we will add them to the list)

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Andy Chase
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