Believe it or not, we are almost two years removed since Hurricane Sandy devastated the Jersey Shore.

Last week on vacation, I decided to take a quick ride to Mantoloking, NJ to see how the town is coming along.

When you drive on Rt. 35, you see all the construction going on. You see a lot of empty lots of where homes, and mansions once stood.

I was curious of what the beach looked like. I was actually surprised to see what I saw.

I was aware that a steel wall was built where the breach occurred by the Mantoloking Bridge, but I was surprised that a man-made wall was going to line practically the entire Mantoloking/Brick Shoreline.

In the pictures above, those are 20 foot sections of steel wall lining the beach looking north and south.

I was told that they will be connected and then will be driven approx 20 feet into the sand/ground to build man-made sea dunes to prevent homes from washing away into the Atlantic Ocean during any future storms.

I was very surprised at what the beaches in Mantoloking still looked like. I was surprised that there was basically NO beach still