I grew up in Brick. One of my favorite spots to go and relax was either the Point Pleasant or the Manasquan side of the Inlet. You could walk around on the rocks, or watch the fishermen, watch the boats cruise in and out, or just sit and stare at the water.

Now, thanks to a handful of jerks, the Manasquan Police Department has shut Riverside Drive to both drivers and pedestrians.

I know we're all going crazy being stuck inside. We are jonesing for any way to get out, to get some fresh air and sunshine, and just to not be staring at the walls of our homes. Most of the comments on that post are not positive ones, but it does seem like the old cliche about one bad apple is true. While most of us will have the common sense to either stay in our car, or keep a distance away from people if we want to walk along the walkway or beach, there will always be people who don't comply.

Hopefully Squan will re-open the Inlet sooner than later.

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