By now, we have all seen the Tik-Tok video of William Commauf of Barnegat making threats to the cashier and manager at Costco in Manahawkin.

Not sure what set him off, but he was certainly being a real nasty. I could use some other words to describe him, but I'm going to keep it classy.

In the video he was saying telling the cashier to "shut your mouth and ring up my stuff'", Shut up and do your job", "Get your husband, I'll smack him around, and more. He also called the cashier an "old hag".

The video went viral immediately and he was eventually arrested by Stafford police and was charged with making terroristic threats, harassment and disorderly conduct.

If you haven't seen the video, here it is:

According to the Daily Voice, Commauf has a pretty lengthy arrest record in which includes:

  • Robbery and escape in the late 1990s and early 2000s in New York, for which he served prison time.
  • Felony theft in the Texas for which he served prison time.
  • Assaulting a woman in North Carolina in 2001 He received probation and a suspended sentence three years later.
  • Petit larceny in Virginia in 2004, Records listed him as a fugitive for failing to appear in court.
  • Possession of cocaine in Oklahoma in 2006.
  • Another drug possession charge in Utah in 2012.
  • In New Jersey, Commauf was:convicted of shoplifting and a disorderly persons offense in Woodbridge.
  • Shoplifting from a Hobby Lobby in Holmdel last year. He was fined in the Woodbridge and Holmdel cases and ordered not to return to either Hobby Lobby stores.
  • Convicted in Springfield Township in Union County in 2018 of receiving stolen property with a value of less than $200.
  • Possession of burglary tools and receiving stolen property in Paramus in 2014 
  • Theft in Mercer County. Sentenced to two years probation in May 2018.
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Andy Chase
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