Until today I never knew a Newman. You know, the mailman that hates Jerry Seinfeld. He’s the mailman that will go out of his way to not deliver the mail. He’s the mailman that is delivering mail to my house.

You see I have a mailbox that sits next to the curb. It’s an easy delivery. Ride up, open the front, and deposit the mail. That is until this morning. Let’s back up a bit.

Last night when I got home, I had to park in the street. Unfortunately for the first time ever, I parked my car a little too close to the mailbox, because the neighbor decided to take up more space than needed. My car was parked about 3 feet from the box. Too close for mail delivery according to the note that Newman placed on my windshield.  

Here’s the part that gets me a little miffed. If Newman stopped his truck and got out to put the note on my car, why couldn’t he drop the mail in the box along with the warning? This is why I tend to get angry! Would it kill him to go a little bit out of his way one time? It’s no wonder that the USPS is losing money. Oh and in case you were wondering, the proper distance that you need to park from the mailbox is a minimum of 10 feet.

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