There aren't many "comfort foods" that are as comforting as mac&cheese and grilled cheese sandwiches. I Heart Mac & Cheese currently has seventeen locations, mostly around Florida but including Texas and New York, and they're bringing two new spots to New Jersey in 2020 and 2021.

They feature build-your-own macaroni and cheese bowls, as well as grilled cheese sandwiches. They also have a vegan menu with plant-based options, partnering with Beyond Meat.

The restaurant runs sort of like a Chipotle or Bubbakoo's, where you build your meal as you go down the line. You start with a base of pasta or caulifower or tater tots, add a sauce, throw in some veggies, include a protein, then top it all off with cheese. They also offer Chef's Specials like Lobster & White Truffle Mac, Philly Cheesesteak, The Cuban, Pepperoni Pizza, and more.

The only drag is that both NJ locations are a bit of a hike from our area - they'll be opening in Hoboken and Jersey City. One restaurant will open this year, and the other in 2021, but no official Grand Opening dates have been announced.

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