Back in 2018, We were informed that the Beach Bar (that was destroyed during Hurricane Sandy) would be returning to Seaside Heights.

The plans and artist drawings of the Beach Bar looked absolutely incredible.

The new plans showed that the new Beach Bar would be much bigger than the original and will feature cabanas, luxury accommodations, and a swimming pool!

And then...nothing

Over the last few years though, no development has occurred. Nothing has been built on the Boardwalk. It has remained an empty lot.

Things might be changing now. I was up on the boardwalk earlier today and I saw this banner hanging on the fence at the Beach Bar location:

Andy Chase Photography

If you look closely, it appears the development will happen in two stages...The first stage to be completed this spring with the pool and cabanas, and then the following stage to be completed in 2021.

I know nothing more than that...More in future reports

Andy Chase Photography
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