Since I moved to Barnegat just over a year ago, I spend a lot of time going down Route 9 to get to Route 72. A few weeks ago I was surprised to see a huge clearing project right by Georgetown Boulevard.

(c) Varacchi
(c) Varacchi

My wife and I were trying to figure out what would go there, because it was kind of tough to gauge the size of the property. We weren't sure if it would be apartments or a shopping center or what. According to TapInto, a new apartment complex will be built on the lot.

The Lofts at Barnegat will feature townhouses and apartment buildings, along with a pool and clubhouse, plus a spot dedicated to retail. TapInto also has a rendering of what the new complex would look like.

I thought I was moving to somewhere a bit quieter when I left the Brick/Lakewood area, but it seems like nothing can stop progress.

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