We all know that Halloween is going to be very different this year. Even though Governor Murphy said trick-or-treating will be allowed, it's just going to feel weird. I'm not going to be totally comfortable going up to a stranger's house and touching things they touched, or having kids come up to my front door. I feel like we're going to see a lot more people hanging on their porch to give out candy, or maybe just throwing mini-Snickers at kids from six feet away.

One of the other big options, I think, will be to have events that kids can go to. Similar to trunk-or-treating, it will be a way to keep the spirit of Halloween and trick-or-treating but keep things safe as well.

Fantasy Island Amusement Park, in Beach Haven on Long Beach Island will host their "Halloween Fun Fest" Sunday, October 11th from noon to 4 pm.


More details will come, so keep an eye on the Facebook event page!

Since I moved to Barnegat, I spend a lot more time heading to Long Beach Island, so this might be the sort of thing I bring my kids to so they can get a nice early taste on Halloween. My older daughter is turning four later this year so she's getting psyched for Halloween, and is already pestering us because she wants to be a different princess for Halloween every day, and can't seem to make up her mind. My younger daughter just turned four months, so it's all about whatever my wife and I want to dress her as.

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