Did you know that technically you're not even allowed to have food on the beach in Lavallette? While the town usually turns a blind eye towards that rule, they may be clamping down on businesses who deliver food to beach-goers.

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The Lavallette Borough Council is looking to not only ban food delivery, but make an ordinance that would ban other "valet" services that include beach chair, umbrella, and other rentals.

With the ease of using GrubHub or UberEats to deliver food, I don't understand why the town wouldn't embrace this delivery, and just force all eateries to purchase a seasonal permit. It would make money for the town, it would make money for the restaurants, and it would regulate the whole system.

Other people argue that the beach shouldn't be commercialized at all. The thing is, I've never seen any beach with a food ban that is actually enforced. We've all brought a bag of snacks and drinks, we've all made the run up to the boardwalk to grab a water to bring back to our blanket, and we've all seen the bennies drag two coolers worth of food. The food ban in Lavallette is supposed to decrease litter, but litter is an unfortunate reality, and people will manage to sneak food onto the beach regardless. Hopefully people will be decent human beings and throw out their trash, but if the town can embrace food delivery, maybe they can use some of the extra income to add more garbage cans at the boardwalk.

[via ShoreBeat]

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