You may have seen this image going around online over the past few days:

To sum up the story that went along with the image, a woman said she saw that family attacking a mother goose, stealing and smashing her eggs. She yelled and snapped that picture as they ran back to their car.

I lived in Lakewood for about six years, so I am well aware of the tensions around the community. To be honest, I didn't want to jump on some bandwagon and fan the flames. Who knows if this was just someone with an agenda, there was no way to verify the story, no video of the attack, no proof that the story even matched the picture, so I felt it was just better to avoid it.

However, the story must have enough validity behind it, because now an investigation is underway by the State Division of Fish and Wildlife and the Lakewood Police Department's Quality of Life Unit. Anyone with information should contact Sgt. Kenneth Burdge at 732-363-0200 or the Division of Fish and Wildlife at 609-292-2965.

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