Are you in need of a good laugh?

A HUGE name in comedy is headed out on tour and yes, they will be stopping in New Jersey.

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Who is it?

Here are a few hints:

Google Maps
Google Maps

This comedian was born and raised in Philadelphia.

Paparazzi taking pictures with flash
Robert Daly

This talent is a comedian AND a movie star.


This Hollywood star has been nominated for two awards, but has not won any.

Any idea?

Okay...I'll spill.

It's Kevin Hart! 

Getty Images for Netflix
Getty Images for Netflix

The comedian announced a humongous comedy tour happening in 2022 and one of his upcoming stops is New Jersey.

Looking to go?

Well here is all you need to know:

All You Need To Know About Kevin Hart's Stand Up In New Jersey

Kevin Hart is headed out on tour and will be stopping in New Jersey! Looking to go? Here's all we know:

I have gone to see Kevin Hart do stand up live before and he is a riot.

He has this charismatic yet explosive energy while on stage and that is a skill that can't be taught. It really was a very fun evening.

So even if stand-up comedy isn't exactly your thing, I would give this show a try just so you can leave at the end of the night with a humongous smile plastered on your face from ear to ear.

Take a look at for other information on Kevin Hart's upcoming tour and other separate performances.

And in case you need suggestions of where to eat after:

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