They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with the one step, and so it was with me on Monday.

That is when I began my new life. I decided that in order to live healthier, I needed change. Radical change! I did all my research and found that a Keto diet was the best thing for me. I kick started my ketosis by fasting for 3 days. Yes, 72 hours of nothing but water, pink Himalayan salt, and some lemon juice. Eagerly expecting Ketosis to begin I was waiting for that magic moment. The moment when I was in ketosis.

There are a few ways to know when ketosis happens: blood, breath or urine. The urine test seemed the easiest of the three, just pee on the stick and look for pink. So, I bought some ketone strips. Monday, no Ketones. Tuesday, still no Ketones. Thinking I had a bad batch of strips, I held out for one more day. Wednesday evening, I finally saw PINK!

It was a light pink, but never-the-less, it was pink, and that meant I was in Ketosis. Thursday, I woke up and jumped out of bed like a kid on Christmas morning. This time, the stick had a deep pink hue, which meant I was in full Ketosis. I was so excited that I fasted again on Thursday! The results of the fast were amazing. I lost 12 pounds! I know it’s water weight, but it is 12 pounds. My blood sugar dropped from 120 on Monday, to 84 on Thursday. Now my blood pressure is a very respectable 117/64.

It’s time to break the fast and start eating Keto. My first meal is going to be bacon and eggs, fried in butter, with a nice warm cup of tea. I'm excited, and I feel pretty good. I look forward to seeing the changes in my body and will continue to update you in the weeks to come. Until then, rock on, party people!

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