After a Memorial Day weekend that featured four arrests for underage drinking and six overdose calls, Borough Administrator Christopher Vaz said Seaside is looking to revoke Karma's liquor license.

Karma owner John Saddy blames the police for the issues that arose over the weekend. Saddy said he was "running the club the the club the same way it’s been run for the last 15 years. There is nothing different. Only in their minds it's different. The town is just coming after us. They called in all these cops for a bunch of kids dancing."

According to Saddy, minors were in the upstairs level at Karma, but in a room that separated them from the 21+ crowd. Saddy says that when Seaside police entered, they opened doors that let all the patrons mix together, which led them to believe those underage customers were being served.

The whole situation is a bit muddy, as it's still in a 'my-word-versus-yours' as to what exactly happened. Is it possible that the actions of the cops led to the co-mingling of minors and adults? Sure. Is it equally possible that kids either used fake IDs or just snuck into the bar area, and Karma didn't do their due diligence? Sure.

We'll keep you updated as things play out.

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