I think I might have finally put two and two together.

In case you are not up to date, I have gotten two spine surgeries in the last 8 months!

During a majority of my recovery, I stayed with my Mom up in North Jersey - specifically Morristown -  and for a city that is only 1 hour and 25 minutes away from where I live at the shore, it felt like a whole different world.

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Morristown - or the area of Morristown my mom lives in -- feels like a mini New York. There are a bunch of restaurants, bars and other businesses within walking distance and traffic is always a nightmare because of how crowded the roads are.

Now yes, people who live in New Jersey have quite a few things in common: loves pizza, has an attitude, is loud...etc.

But if my time up North taught me anything, it is that the two areas also have some pretty big differences.

Big Differences Between People From The Shore & North Jersey

Did I miss anything...

But the biggest difference? WE ARE FRIENDLIER AT THE JERSEY SHORE!

That's right: we are better at making people feel welcome

Let me explain.

My mom lives in a large apartment building and it was one of the most unfriendly environments I have ever been in.

The building had a total of 6 floors with at least 25 apartments on each level.

During my entire 2.5 months of staying with my Mom, I think a total of 3 people actually smiled and said hello.

FYI: All three of those people had dogs....coincidence? I think now.

On top of that, a majority of the other residents actually went out of their way to avoid having any social interaction. They would avoid making eye contact and someone even pulled a 180 degree switch to avoid riding the same elevator.

Another woman didn't even respond to my mom and I's friendly, "Hi there!" while riding the same elevator as us! Wild, right?

Down here at the Jersey Shore, everyone waves at each other even when they are just driving by.

Plus, the mentality of, "The More the Merrier," is put into action on a regular basis.

Do you know how many times I have been randomly invited to join a game being played on the street or a happy hour on a neighbor's porch? There is a community vibe down here that obviously can't be replicated.

I am not sure if people at the Shore know that we rely on tourists every Summer so maybe we are just instinctually more welcoming?

OR....and I think this might be it....we are closer to the beach down here and who isn't happy when they are at the beach?

Even beach air is different. Test it out, I dare you.

So this may be an unpopular opinion but this isn't the first time I have encountered the cold shoulder while up North visiting family.

So Northerners...maybe take some lessons from us beachgoers?

Just a suggestion.

Stay warm!

And while we are on this topic, might as well....

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