There's nothing more devastating than driving to the beach, spending around a half-hour looking for a spot, and then giving up and driving back home.

That's what happened to me yesterday! And granted, I should have known better than attempting a beach trip around noon, but I slept late and was feeling confident. And while making my defeated trip home I couldn't help but wonder what's the solution to the frustrating parking situation at the Jersey Shore?

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While flat rate lots are nice for spending the whole day at the beach, it doesn't make sense to dish $10-$20 when you want to go for a quick run on the sand. And some mornings, you can't wake up at the crack of dawn to snag a close-by spot. Let's not forget confusing parking rules and regulations too - sometimes when you think you've finally found something, it turns out you can't park there.

HOW COOL WOULD IT BE if there was an app that tracks available parking spaces at the beach, so you can figure out whether or not it's worth it to make a trip that day. It's also expensive and unrealistic, but it would be awesome.

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Have you ever been stuck in a sticky parking situation? What are your secret parking spaces and tips for finding parking on a crowded Jersey Shore day? Share them with me on the 92.7 WOBM App, and I promise I won't tell anyone!

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