A woman in Jackson had her car vandalized in a disgusting display of racism, but thankfully a local garage helped her out!

According to the Facebook post, the young woman had a racial slur and a skull and crossbones scratched into her car. A lot of the employees at County Line Auto Body in Howell live in Jackson, and told the owner about the vandalism. The staff made the decision to repair the woman's car for free. Beyond that, they put new tires on her car!

It's been incredibly easy to be defeated by pretty much everything and anything lately. It seems like it has been just one bad news story after another. Everyone is on edge, and it just seems like an unending circle of stress. I know it's a cliche to say "2020, right?", but it does seem like there are countless things coming to a head at the same time. I'm not here to get political or anything, but going through a pandemic, a civil rights movement, and an election all at the same time is overwhelming.

I try not to share much of the bad news. I know you're not listening to the Hawk or opening our app or coming to our site to read that sort of stuff. At times it can be inescapable, but I try to focus on the positive, and this story was just that.

While it's unfortunate that some scumbag still made the decision to carve a racial slur into someone's car, it's great to see that there are still decent people who stepped forward to help out.

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