Did you know that you can see some beautiful art pieces for an insanely cheap price?

I was looking into visiting the Philadelphia Museum of Art and saw that they have special offers on admission that can’t be beaten.

Under the 'Admission' tab on their website, there’s an option under that section of the website, that offers the public an option to pay “whatever they like” to step into the museum.

I’ve never seen a place offer this sort of deal, but what a steal it is! Basically, how it works is on the first Sunday of the month between, 10 am and 5 pm, museum-goers can pay any price they’d like for admission.

It seems like it's counted as a donation towards the museum and gives the public a chance to experience the art while not breaking the bank.

They also offer this promotion every Friday night between 5 pm and 8:45 pm and every first Sunday of the month. Have you heard of this before?

I tried to get some more research done about why they offer this and if there’s a catch, but it just seems like you pay what you can enter and it goes as a donation towards the museum.

While I was scrolling around Facebook, the headline that said “Free Days at the Museum” caught my eye because I’d seriously never heard of this before. I think it’s truly awesome that no matter your situation, you can still enter the museum and take in all the beauty of the art.

Admission on normal days is very reasonably priced, also! $14 for students, $25 for adults, and kids are free! You can see more pricing info on their website.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is located at 2600 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy, Philadelphia, PA 19130.

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