With kids going back to school, and summer coming to a close, it can be a pretty hectic time of the year.

After-school curricular activities are going to be starting up soon, and the crazy hustle and bustle of everyday life is going to get ready to resume.

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With everything going on this time of year, it can be easy to forget one key ingredient in your day; coffee.

How often have you gotten your day started late, you're rushing out the door to try and get everyone where they need to be before work starts and you don't realize until you're on your way to work that you never had coffee that day.

It's one of the worst feelings ever.

Photo by Mark Daynes on Unsplash
Photo by Mark Daynes on Unsplash

Fortunately, depending on your job, Wawa is here to help you through the month of September with free coffee.

Wawa coffee by the way is the best coffee around, in my opinion, it beats out any other place to grab a quick cup of joe while you're out and about.

So How Can NJ Residents Get Free Wawa Coffee In September?

It all comes down to what your job is, specifically whether or not you're a teacher.

According to Patch, throughout the entire month of September teachers and school administrators are able to get a free any-sized hot coffee.

All they have to do is let the cashier know they work for a school district.

Photo by Emre on Unsplash
Photo by Emre on Unsplash

Hopefully, they let the janitors, lunch ladies, and other school staff get a free cup too!

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