Favorite cheese? Yes, please! Lol. For cheese lovers it's hard to pick just ONE that you love above all others, but New Jersey's #1 cheese has indeed been determined.

I never met a cheese I didn't like. Oh, except Swiss. I can't get on board Swiss cheese. It smells and tastes like feet to me.


Every other cheese, sign me up. Soft, hard, nutty, melty, I want it ALL.

January 20th is National Cheese Lovers Day. In honor of this delicious holiday, Betway.com turned to Google Trends find out what cheese the people of New Jersey searched for the most.


Based on the data, Betway ranked the Top 10 cheeses cheese-lovers in the Garden State crave the most. Keep reading to find out if YOUR favorite cheese is #1 here in NJ.

Across the United States, the most coveted cheese is NOT American, according to Betway, but Cheddar Cheese.

Traditional Yellow Cheddar Cheese on a background

Cheddar Cheese enjoys an average yearly search volume of 609,500 across the country.

You might laugh if you knew what I loved Cheddar Cheese on the most. Apple Pie!

Apple Pie with Cheddar Cheese
Thinkstock; Canva

A nice slice of Cheddar on a warm piece of Apple Pie is heaven, mixing salty and sweet.

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Have you guessed yet what New Jersey's top favorite cheese is?

Number 1
Thinkstock; Canva

I think it's very, VERY Jersey. Keep scrolling to see if Betway got it right.

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