It's a battle as old as time here in the Garden State. Well, it's at least over 150 years old.

The good ole "pork roll vs. Taylor Ham" battle presses on here in New Jersey even through today. I imagine it all started not too far out from when pork roll was invented. Believe it or not, pork roll originated over 165 years ago in Trenton.

From then on, it became New Jersey's most beloved breakfast meat. You can't get pork roll just anywhere, either. It's specifically found within the parameters of NJ and a few of the surrounding states.

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Let me put it to you this way, you're not likely to find pork roll in the middle of nowhere sections of the mid-west. Nor can you find it on the west coast.

It's a breakfast meat we keep to ourselves here in the Garden State. There are, however, a few celebrities obsessed with this specific delicacy.

TONS of celebrities are from New Jersey. Three of the most notable of the millennial generation are none other than the pop star sensations that are the Jonas Brothers! It's easy to forget they hail from the Garden State since they're so popular all over the world.

Well, they're paying homage to their Jersey roots and settling the debate once and for all! Or are they....

According to the Jo-Bros, it's called "Taylor Ham." Those of us hailing from the southern-most parts of the state will have to disagree.

The Jonas Brothers are from North Jersey, so it's no surprise they call the notorious NJ breakfast meat by the brand name rather than the product itself.

Watch the video below:

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