First, it was Aunt Terri. Then, it was Aunt Mary Pat. Now, we've got the Philly Mom taking social media by storm. And she's hilarious.

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Instagram's Viral Philly Mom

For whatever reason, people love a good skit about Philly and/or New Jersey. One Instagram content creator took that concept and ran with it. She's now arguably become one of the most popular Philly comedy creators on Instagram. Women particularly love her.

Her name is Olivia Herman (@oliviaherman). Her first viral video depicting a Philly mom on the phone with her best friend had everybody on Instagram cracking up for days. Of course, it was about Philadelphia's beloved Eagles as they were getting ready to play in the Super Bowl back in February 2023.

She's posted multiple videos since that first one over a year ago and has amassed quite a following. Her most viewed video garnered over 4.3 million views.

Philly vs. New Jersey Moms

One of her latest videos hit the nail on the head when describing a traditional Philly and/or New Jersey mom's reaction to their kids moving in with a significant other for the first time. The mannerisms exhibited in the video perfectly both how a Philly AND South Jersey mom might react to the news.




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She didn't know it, but Olivia's out here doing the Lord's work by showcasing how Philly moms and New Jersey moms really aren't that different after all. They both can spot a lie from a mile away. You can't fool NJ & Philly moms. Not possible.

This girl SLAYS it.

Check out her other videos HERE.

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