One of the best aspects of New Jersey is how close in proximity everybody lives to so many different stores.

You'd never think you'd ever hear people complaining about having too many stores, right? What if there are just WAY too many of the SAME store in close proximity to one another? HAH! Welcome to South Jersey. More specifically, welcome to Egg Harbor Township.

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There's a TikTok making its way around social media that perfectly describes every EHT resident's feelings when they see yet ANOTHER Dollar General location going up within the township. In case you aren't aware, Egg Harbor Township has an absolutely ridiculous number of Dollar Generals. So much so, that it's become a running joke that when one business fails, Dollar General will most likely take its place.

Honestly, it's probably safe to say that Egg Harbor Township and Hamilton Township have the absolute most Dollar Generals out of the entire South Jersey region. In some parts of EHT specifically, you can find two Dollar G's on the same street.

Comedian John Crist posted to TikTok a video featuring three different dollar stores in Alabama that are all right across the street from each other. In fact, two of them are connected. The location of the three dollar store competitors obviously left John scratching his head. The funny thing is, that's exactly how all Egg Harbor Township residents feel. Pretty sure EHT has it worse, though, since it's not three different dollar stores taking up retail space, but the same exact one.


@johncristcomedianAlabama…we need answers♬ Sweet Home Alabama - Tennessee River Country Band

It's probably safe to say South Jersey residents would happy with the variety this Alabama town has verses having 25 Dollar Generals (not a literal count) within a 5 mile radius.

Source: TikTok

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