One of the most popular styles of food is "Asian Cuisine" and within that genre, Chinese restaurants are very popular, not only here in New Jersey but around the nation. According to UCLA, "Today, the Chinese American Restaurant Association states that over 45,000 Chinese restaurants across the United States, more than the number of McDonalds, Burger Kings, Kentucky Fried Chickens, and Wendy's, combined."


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Chinese Food Michele Blackwell



I enjoy Asian Cuisine, even though I must admit some of my favorites are more of a Chinese-American creation. Take, for instance, General Tsos Chicken. This is one of my favorites but is mostly known here in the States. Even Beef & Broccoli is a Chinese-American creation as well. I have a nice collection of "chopsticks" and whenever I have "Chinese" I always use my "sticks" to eat, it just kinda completes the experience.



Hamilton NJ
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"Szechuan House is among the Top 100 Chinese restaurants in the United States"

In a recent 24/7 Tempo article, they listed Szechuan House in Hamilton (2022 Nottingham Way, Mercerville, NJ 08619) as the pick for New Jersey's best "Chinese Restaurant". The restaurant is conveniently located near a great attraction "Grounds For Sculpture" so you can maybe visit the exhibit and then dinner/lunch at Szechuan House.


Asian Cuisine Wengang Zhai


According to 24/7 Tempo, "Szechuan House has been lauded as the Garden State’s best Chinese restaurant by New Jersey Monthly. One look at the menu and you’ll see that this isn’t your everyday takeout joint: Appetizers include diced rabbit with Sichuan peppercorn vinaigrette and jellyfish with scallion oil, and a section of the menu dedicated to Chengdu specialties includes dan dan noodles, shredded tea smoked duck with onion and red pepper, and fried yam cakes with sesame paste for dessert. There’s also a stellar Peking duck."


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