When it comes to donuts, New Jersey is very unique. We are the only state in the whole nation to have this type of donut as our favorite.

Donuts in New Jersey (Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash)
Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

No, the donut we love the best in the Garden State is not exclusive to New Jersey. You can get it anywhere in the country.

But no other state in the nation has named this type of donut their favorite, and that is very surprising.

What Is New Jersey's Favorite Donut?

And when you hear which type of donut it is, it will surprise you even more. We're talking about the good old jelly donut.

New Jersey's favorite donut is jelly (Photo by Leon Ephraïm on Unsplash
Photo by Leon Ephraïm on Unsplash

Indeed, New Jersey stands alone in its love for the mighty jelly donut. The research at The Waycroft says the jelly donut is ranked as the 18th best donut in America.

For us here in New Jersey, that is hard to believe. If the jelly donut is that far down the list, then what is America's most popular donut?

What Is The Most Popular Donut In America?

According to these findings, the glazed donut is by far the most popular in America, with the cronut #2 and the apple fritter holding the #3 spot.

The glazed is America's #1 donut (Photo by Paul Neil on Unsplash)
Photo by Paul Neil on Unsplash

Fifteen separate states listed the glazed donut as their absolute favorite. 7 states said their top choice was the cronut, and only 3 states named the apple fritter.

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