Hockey fans, enough is enough! Another lockout! This is the SECOND lockout in 8 years.

It's time to take action!

The two sides met again today, and NO PROGRESS has been met. All of the preseason games have been cancelled and now the start of the NHL season is in jeopardy and rumor has it that there will be no hockey until January of 2013.

I am fed up! The last time there was a lockout, the players gave in to the owners, and now once again the owners are crying.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. The fans deserve their hockey!

It is time to take some action hockey fans. We need to speak up and let our voices be heard

After doing some research, this is Gary Bettman's email address:

NHL Corporate offices NY 212-789-2000

I called the number and a LIVE receptionist answered. I told her I want to voice my opinion regarding the latest lockout, and I was forwarded to a recorded greeting to leave a message.

Click the link below to hear the message:


Also...Click HERE to leave the NHL an email.

We have to force the issue. Enough is enough!

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