As you know last week we had another storm come through. It was a “nor’easter” (as we prepare for another one) and as usual, people acted as if the world was coming to an end.

This amuses, amazes, and annoys me to no end. Why must we make the mad dash to the stores to stock up on food supplies at the last minute? Is it a fear of not being able to survive a storm? Are we afraid that we will lose power for weeks and starve? In this day and age with weather predictions able to reach out to next month, we should have a pretty good idea when bad weather will hit us. Yet we rush out to the stores and buy EVERYTHING on the shelves the day before the storm in fear of starving. How often do we have a weather event that will affect us for more than a week?

People need to chill and to be a little smarter. For instance, a survival kit is a good thing to have. It should contain water, canned goods (vegetables and protein), boxed milk, a small charcoal grill with charcoal, and a first-aid kit. Remember to listen to the weather, but don’t watch the Weather Channel. The Weather Channel is as bad as any 24-hour news station. When a storm is approaching they like to sensationalize it, putting the fear of calamity into us just for ratings.

If we only take a common sense approach to the weather we will find that in the long run, we will be OK. Just be prepared in all seasons and all will be well. Water doesn’t go bad for years and neither will canned goods and when their expiration date approaches eat, drink, and replace. Remember we have more to fear with Oyster Creek melting down or the two wackos with red buttons than being inconvenienced by a storm. Trust me, it is easier to stock up on supplies now rather than facing the long lines, stress, and inconsiderate crazy people. Plus you won’t have to worry about not finding the bread.

And for more information please check out The Office of Emergency Management at You’d be surprised at the things they want you to be prepared for.

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