Is In-N-Out Burger Coming To Jersey?

In a word, NO.

Rumors were spreading across Facebook that In-N-Out Burger was opening a location in "Seaside", which sent many locals into a frenzy.

However, the people who were sharing the story didn't realize that there is more than one "Seaside" in the world. The new location of In-N-Out is going up in Seaside, CALIFORNIA.

I tried my first In-N-Out burger in January when I visited Arizona for my sister's wedding. I made sure I stopped by a second time before we left, and I would LOVE for them to set up shop somewhere around, but alas, it does not seem likely. The chain's president has even said it's unlikely they'll make the move.

If your friends keep sharing the story, feel free to correct them with some truth bombs!

(c) Varacchi

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