Summer is HERE!  Unlike last year due to the pandemic, vacations, road trips, and visiting family are back on the calendar.  As we resume the use of those “personal time off” days, leaving the house for a long or even short period of time requires some planning to keep the house safe and secure.  I am about to enjoy some time off myself.  Unlike many, the only real concern our household has while we’re away is who is going to water our flowers?  We’re easy!  Of course, there are many other items that need your attention.  I’ll get to those in a second.

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What about if you’re just a seasonal homeowner at the Jersey Shore?  This is not your primary residence.  There’s a good chance, other than a good neighbor to keep an eye on things for you while you’re away, your other option is a closed-circuit security camera system you can access via an app on your smartphone.  There must be another way.  There is.

Meet Brandon Goss.  Owner of Jersey Coast Home Watch.  One of the first accredited Home Watch companies in Monmouth County. Gross is from Wall Township.  He is the son of a general contractor.  He’s a pretty smart guy, graduating with a degree in aerospace engineering from Penn State.  Somewhere along the way, Brandon earned his real estate license.  Both his father’s background and his own knowledge in the arena of real estate and property management, have influenced his path, to becoming a Certified Home Watch Professional, designated by The National Home Watch Association.

According to Gross…

“I knew that a lot of homeowners lived here year-round, but that there also are a lot of seasonal residents and unoccupied homes, many of them very expensive, during the off-season that could benefit from someone local checking on them.”

So many unforeseen events can take place when you’re not at home.  Normally, you return in a reasonable amount of time to witness those occurrences and engage in their resolutions.  What Jersey Coast Home Watch offers is a service for those who are not frequently returning to the property to examine those pop-up issues, like a water leak, a broken window, a tree down in the yard, or even storm damage.  We all know how that goes.

“You don’t want to show up and find your house flooded or something in need of repair," Goss said. "Many homeowners will arrange for a neighbor to stop by and check on things, but they’re not trained and won’t necessarily do a comprehensive inspection, which means that they might miss little things like water leakage, leaf build-up in gutters that can cause damage, and more. It seemed to me that if you have a home worth that much, why wouldn’t you hire a trusted professional to monitor it when you’re not there?”

At the very least, Jersey Coast Home Watch offers you peace of mind.  Now if only I can remember if I closed the garage door before I left the house.

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According to here are a few ways to keep your home safe while you’re on vacation.

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Ask a friend to keep an eye out for anything strange.

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Maybe ask the post office to hold your mail or have that friend gather it for you.

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If the weather is turning cold while you are away ask that friend to look after your pipes.

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Let the local police know you will be away and for how long.

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Maybe leave your window treatments in the same position they always are when your home.

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Some people like to leave a light on when they’re away.  Prepare for a higher electric bill.

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Maybe unplug your appliances, computers, and televisions from the electric outlet.  Even if you have a surge protector, power fluctuations could cause damage.