We are super excited to introduce Jenni James as the new host of the Saturday Night Slaughterhouse from 7p-midnight on 105.7 The Hawk!

Of course, the Saturday Night Slaughterhouse has been on the Hawk for at least 15 years or so, and the show features the "big-hair" band, metal and grunge from the '80s and '90s

Jenni is a true Jersey Girl at heart.  She has lived in Ocean County for 20+ years, so when the weather is nice, you usually will find her on the Boardwalk enjoying the beach.

She loves classic rock and all the music that you hear every Saturday night on the SlaughterHouse. She's a huge fan of Def Leppard, Metallica, and The Cult, just to name a few.

I think you're gonna enjoy listening to her every Saturday night. She brings a laid-back attitude to the airwaves, but she will also give you a run for your money if you give her a hard time. Trust me...I won't mess with her!!

Welcome aboard Jenni James to 105-7 The Hawk...Now go kick some ass!!

Jenni stopped by the studio yesterday during my shift. We chatted for a bit. Check it out

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Andy Chase
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