This Saturday (10/20) is the inaugural EPIC all-day Tug of War event happening over the Manasquan Inlet called the Manasquan Intercoastal Tug. The matches are set!

It's Point Pleasant Beach versus Manasquan!

It will be teachers from Point Pleasant Beach on one side of the inlet and teachers representing Manasquan on the Monmouth County side. Other matches include lifeguards vs. lifeguards. Police/Fire/EMT vs Police/Fire EMT etc.

The only thing between the teams is 400 feet of water and a 1,200-foot rope!

This AWESOME event is designed to raise money for the Manasquan and Point Pleasant Beach Township Recreation Departments.

There will be plenty of stuff going on on both sides of the inlet. Music, entertainment, and fun for the entire family.

The NJ Sharing Network will also be on both sides of the inlet so that you can learn more about their mission to save lives through organ and tissue donations. One organ donor can save eight lives and one tissue donor can restore health to over 75 others. To learn more, get involved, and register as an organ and tissue donor, visit

Finally, after a long afternoon of tugging, there will be huge after parties on each side of the inlet, sponsored by Miller Lite:

Salty Whale in Manasquan
390 E Main St, Manasquan, NJ 08736

Broadway Bar
06 Randall Ave, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742

Each party will be featuring Miller Lite specials, the 96 calorie beer: Great taste, less filling.

We can't wait for this weekend: see you on Saturday!

Check out the full schedule of events:

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