I'll be honest, I don't get up to Point Pleasant as much as I'd like to.

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It's a beautiful beach town to walk around, so it is a bummer.

That'll likely be my New Years' resolution, to get there more, a tough one!

That being said, I remember the first time I went to Point Pleasant a few years ago and absolutely loved walking around the boardwalk and having lunch on the beach with my wife.

Photo Credit: Buehler
Photo Credit: Buehler

What I really liked about the town, specifically some of the houses was that they connected to the boardwalk.

I thought it must be so cool to have your porch almost be a part of the boardwalk.

One house that of course stood out was this huge home that was playing music.

Not just any music, but Frank Sinatra.

Maybe you already know which home I'm talking about.

Credit: James H. Ward/Keller Williams Realty Ocean Living Via Zillow
Credit: James H. Ward/Keller Williams Realty Ocean Living Via Zillow

The Sinatra House.

Well, now is your chance to own a piece of Point Pleasant history.

The Sinatra House In Point Pleasant New Jersey Is For Sale.

According to NJ.com Paul R. Smith had owned the house for 39 years and worked for Sony Music.

Smith didn't actually work with Sinatra, but he was a huge fan and during the summer months always had Frank or some of his Cronies playing over the speaker system wired on the outside of the home.

Photo by Andrea Riondino on Unsplash
Photo by Andrea Riondino on Unsplash

Smith bought the home back in the 80s and basically tore it down and built what stands there today.

The eight-bedroom, four-bathroom, open concept home now is in the care of his children who are now selling the house.

They told NJ.com that times change and people move, but they'll always have the memories.

Smith, the owner, sadly passed away in 2002.

The house is for sale for a cool four point four million dollars, but it looks worth every penny.

Take A Tour Of Point Pleasant NJ's Amazing Sinatra House

Sinatra may have never stayed in the house, but you definitely heard the sounds of his voice being played from this homes speakers while walking down the Point Pleasant Boardwalk over the summer.

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