There's nothing quite like a good dessert right here in the Garden State, from ice cream to cannolis to something sweet and fried from the boardwalk, Jersey has some great desserts.

However, Jersey is also home to one of the most delicious over-the-top desserts in the entire country.

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Personally, I'm not a huge dessert eater myself, but even I'd have to break down and have a piece or three of what's being called Jersey's most extravagant dessert.

A while back I told you about ice cream nachos, a creation you can find at Miss Mindy's Ice Cream off Route 9 in Bayville.

They look delicious, but they aren't the most over-the-top dessert in New Jersey.

Photo by Jennie Brown on Unsplash
Photo by Jennie Brown on Unsplash

New Jersey's Most Extravagant Dessert Combines NJ's Two Most Favorite Foods.

Think real quick, what are Jersey's two favorite foods?

It's pretty simple; pizza and ice cream.

Everyone in Jersey loves a hot, fresh, and delicious slice from any of our great pizza shops and when it comes to ice cream everyone has an opinion.

So it makes sense that the most out-of-this-world dessert in the Graden State is an Ice Cream Pizza, which can only be found at Brother Bruno's in Wayne, NJ.

According to Love Food not only do they serve up some pretty solid pizza but they take it a step further and combine their passion for pizza with their passion for ice cream too.

Their ice cream pizzas are sweet baked crusts topped with some ice cream and more flavors than you can shake a stick at.

From Thin Mint to brownies, to peanut butter to red velvet and so much more, this dessert is an absolute must-try for any true pizza or ice cream lover in the Garden State.

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